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Ideal Sire

What are you looking for in your ideal terminal sire?  The answer is most likely to be a group of characteristics rather than just one thing, but right at the top of anyone's list will probably be fertility and calving ease. The Devon bull has been adding value to pedigree and cross bred herds for generations and here's why:

Fertility and calving ease
If one of the goals for your herd management is to get more females in calf and to calve within a tighter calving pattern, then the Red Ruby Devon bull will help you achieve your goal.  For generations, the fertility of the Red Ruby Devon bull has been recognised by all in the cattle industry.  And today fertility is as good as ever, plus it comes with the benefits of the great strides forward that have been made within the breed on conformation, power, and size.  A Devon bull is a true, medium sized animal, offering real commerciality together with all the desirable aspects of native breeds.  Costly interventions at calving are one of the biggest factors affecting profitability of suckler beef production.  Whether working in a pure or cross-bred situation, the Devon bull will give you easy calving leading to less stress of your cows and subsequently greater productivity, and less need for labour costs whether your own labour or that of a vet. 

High daily weight gain of calves
One of the Devon's traits which has high heritability in its progeny is the breed's ability to efficiently convert grass into high daily weight gain.  For many farmers, this is one of the chief benefits of using a Devon within a commercial herd.  Devon cross calves will typically finish within the same time scales and to the same weight as, say, purebred continentals, but they will do so on considerably less feed.  Added to that, the bull passes on the Devon's quiet temperament, making the calves easier to do and handle; another important profit factor.

Docile Temperament
The Devon bull is well known for its docile temperament.  Proper handling and safety are always paramount when handling any bull, but the Devon makes it easy.  They are quiet to handle both in the yard and out at pasture. 

Superior Carcass Traits
Whatever breed of cow used, the Devon bull will pass on to his progeny the desirable carcass traits of the breed which is recognised by many in the food industry as one of the world's finest beef breeds particularly when considering eating quality.  Both pure and cross-bred Devon calves will benefit from the finely grained beef which ensures tenderness and succulence.  And from intra-muscular fat - so called "marbling" - which gives the beef great flavour and enhances the cooking process, and finally the outer layer of fat which enables the carcass to be hung for sufficient time (typically 2-5 weeks) to ensure tenderisation.  All these facts are widely recognised within the food retail and catering industries and for this reason, value-added markets are accessible to anyone selling pure or cross-bred Red Ruby Devon beef.
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