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Devon World Congress 2016

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President's Review of the Devon World Congress 5-16 June 2016

The cycle of the World Devon Congress operates through five different countries, Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Brazil, and ourselves. This means that each country is only visited every 20 years, the last time in the United Kingdom being 1996. Many of our visitors have been more frequent visitors, but in some cases there had been a 20 year gap. There was a view that our national herd had significantly ‘improved’ in that time. We had successfully resolved the size issue, while the influence of external grading up had diminished through the generations thus ensuring the greater purity of the bloodlines. We were seen to be in a good place, by the constructively critical eye. If there was a ‘but’, it was a concern expressed by some that size for its own sake should not be the Holy Grail. The character of the breed was paramount, and we were reminded of our responsibility in the ‘home’ of the Devon not to sacrifice those attributes that make the Devon so successful in so many parts of the world.

We were able to show different types of cattle in different environments. The herd owners surpassed themselves in showing cattle at their best in high summer. and the entertainment and hospitality was of the highest possible standard throughout the tour. On behalf of the breed society I would like to thank all of those herd owners and their families who put themselves out to provide such generous fare. Large numbers of home based members also took the opportunity to join our visitors on herd visits.

The first centrepiece was the conference held in Exeter. It was a reminder of how technology is moving forward in our world with opportunities to exchange information across the world on genetics, and how these are being used as a guidepost to the refining of the best characteristics. We reflected that we all work in differing environments, even within one country, but there is much to be learned from establishing a global database of genetic information.

The second centrepiece was the Royal Three Counties Show at Malvern with over 100 Devons of great quality forward to be judged by two of our overseas visitors, Mr Ted Laurie from Australia and Professor Elizabeth Cirne-Lima from Brazil. What was on display made us proud of what we can do with our cattle.  We are tremendously grateful for the enthusiastic support of the World Congress shown by our UK members and the very many international delegates who participated. We hope that we have fulfilled your hopes and expectations during your time with us.

James Williams, DCBS President

World Congress Photo Gallery 
A photo gallery of images from the 2016 World Congress can be viewed from our Facebook page

Breed Society Country Reports
given at the World Congress Conference, 13th June 2016

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DCBS members can view presentations, including slides, given at the World Congress Conference, from the members' area of the website, or contact the Breed Secretary for further assistance.

Reflections from Lisa Roper, Forde Abbey, Chair of the organising committee
I have had so many responses from international visitors to our World Congress.  From how brilliant the coach driver was to what wonderful cattle and hospitality you enjoyed on all the herd visits.  I have had the great pleasure of attending 8 world Congress tours and 3 mini tours, all of which were wonderful, but I do feel that this year's tour was really the icing on the cake.  It was a great honour to chair the organising committee.  Many thanks to our tour Operator, Carolyne Cree of Field Farm Tours, our Breed Secretary, all the herd hosts and myriad of people involved in making it such a success.  I hope that everyone got something good out of it and made new friends to boot!

Best Wishes, Lisa

The Devon Cattle Breeders' Society is grateful to all its sponsors for their generosity in supporting the 2016 Devon World Congress

MVF - lead sponsor of the Devon World Congress 2016

BOVELA - sponsor of the Devon World Congress 2016 Conference

LLOYDS BANK - sponsor of the Devon World Congress Conference Dinner

KNIGHT FRANK - sponsor of Devons at Royal Three Counties Show 2016

UK SIRE SERVICES - sponsor of the Devon World Congress Welcome Reception

AHDB - sponsor of the Devon World Congress

HILLS OF DEVON - official supplier of bottled water

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