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Cross Breeding

We could tell you all the ways you will benefit from basing your suckler herd around the Red Ruby Devon cow, such as easing your workload, reducing your vet's bill and increasing your profitability.  Or how a Red Ruby Devon bull, used on commercial suckler cows, will pass on to his calves desirable traits that will decrease your feed bill and increase your access to value-added markets.

But as a growing number of commercial farmers are finding out the benefits of the breed for themselves, we thought we'd let them do the talking!  Here are just a handful of views which are typical of the feedback we receive:

I'm a commercial farmer without doubt.  The reason the Devons are here is because of their superior performance.  It's a package of things; their ability to convert grass into meat with good growth rates, good fertility and temperament.  Good maternal and milky traits plus access to no-hassle value-added markets such as the Waitrose Westcountry Beef Scheme
Commercial beef farmer, Wiltshire, running a Devon bull with Devon and Aberdeen Angus cows

We introduced a Devon bull to use on our Limousin cows because of increasing feed costs.  The Devon crosses finish really well, getting to our target weight as fast and on considerably less hard feed. 
Commercial beef farmer, Devon, running a Devon bull with Limousin cows, retaining some Devon x Limousin heifers as replacements

Basically the Devon is a medium sized, easily maintained cow that will outwinter and produce a good calf for up to 10 or more years.  You can't ask much more than that.
Commercial beef and sheep farmer, Lanarkshire Scotland

For our farm, I estimate that the Devon's ability to finish on grass is saving us as much as £300 per head on finishing costs.
Commercial beef farmer, Cornwall, running a pedigree suckler herd of Devons on 100% grass management regime

And don't forget that the Red Ruby Devon is probably the only UK native breed backed by both Breedplan EBV data and DCBS own Type Classification Scheme which has been in operation since 2005.

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