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Breedplan EBVs

Find information about pedigree registered Devon cattle, their EBVs and members' data through the links provided here.  In addition members of the Society can access the BREEDPLAN LogOn in order to input performance data to BREEDPLAN, and access their Herd's Performance Reports.


click on the links as follows to access the online database:

ANIMAL EBV enquiries

MEMBER enquiries

MEMBER LogOn for:

  • Downloading your BREEDPLAN Performance Reports
  • Entering your on-farm collected Performance Data (weights, scanning data, scrotal circumference)
  • Accessing enhanced animal enquiry functions
The latest Sire Summary report can be downloaded here.  
Explanatory Notes for the Sire Summary download here


Breedplan produce a number of helpful straightforward "Tip Sheets" to help you better understand the principles and Performance Recording and the details of BREEDPLAN.  A wide range of Tip Sheets are available on the ABRI website.  Click here to access.  Or dowload individual Tip Sheets from the list below:

The Devon Cattle Breeders' Society gives Breedplan recording members a 50% rebate on their first year Breedplan costs.  This scheme applies to members who have joined Breedplan and are actively recording since 2013 through to 2015 when the rebate scheme will be reviewed.  Please contact the Breed Secretary for further details.

Devon Cattle Breeders' Society's BREEDPLAN Estimated Breed Values (EBVs) are compiled from pedigree recoreds submitted to the Devon Cattle Breeders' Society (DCBS) and performance records collected by Red Ruby Devon breeders.  Every effort has been made to report information accurately on animals, but BREEDPLAN, DCBS, and their staff assume no responsibility for the content or the use or interpretation of the information published.
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