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Breed Heritage

The Devon Cattle Breeders' Society was founded in 1884.The herd book has been in continuous print since that time.

The origins of the breed is thought to be a combination of the Longifrons and the Urus.  Similarities in colour shape and size suggest a possible connection with the Red Lincoln, Sussex and Saler breeds.

Whatever their early origins, Red Ruby Devons are much prized for the qualities which are valued as much today as in the times of our forebears.

There is no finer sight at the quiet of an evening than a field of Red Ruby Devons peacefully grazing early summer pastures.  However, farming is a business and no breed would survive if it were not a commercial proposition.

The Red Ruby Devon is recognised internationally for its ability to produce the very finest beef on a low input system.  Its enduring qualities ensures the Red Ruby Devon has a future as strong as its heritage is rich and can justly lay claim to being “part of farming’s future”.
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